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Trez Forman Capital is a Florida based, commercial bridge lender for development and construction, senior stretch first mortgages and special situation loans nationwide. We provide property developers and owners with quick approvals on flexible short to mid-term financing. We also offer private and institutional investors strategies to invest in a variety of opportunistic, fully-secured, high-yield mortgage investment funds and investment assets.


Trez Forman Capital will focus on expanding its real estate lending platform throughout the U.S. With loan amounts expected to range from $5M - $50M and terms from 1 – 3 years, there exists a great opportunity to provide non-bank funding in a marketplace often neglected by traditional lenders.


We have built a reputation for providing innovative and entrepreneurial financing for commercial properties in major markets throughout the United States. Backed by over $2 billion in discretionary capital, we have earned the trust of pension funds and high net worth families with our rigorous underwriting process.


Trez Forman Capital was created in 2016 from the partnership of Forman Capital (Florida, U.S.) and Trez Capital (British Columbia, CA). Trez Capital is one of Canada’s largest private, short-term bridge lenders. Currently managing a mortgage and investment portfolio of nearly $2 billion, it has financed over $5 billion over almost 1,200 transactions since 1997. The combination brings together the expertise and resources of lenders already having a significant impact in both the United States and Canada.


Forman Capital was founded in 2004 by Brett Forman, current CEO of Trez Forman Capital. Brett launched Forman Capital to provide creative debt solutions for commercial real estate transactions. A Bachelor of Science in Economics and a concentration in Real Estate Finance graduate of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Brett found his interest in the industry during his studies. He has extensive experience from Sylvan Ventures and Bear Stearns & Co. Forman Capital successfully found entrepreneurial solutions to nearly $500M in commercial real estate transactions.


“A partnership with Forman is a great fit for Trez as we build on the positive momentum of our business and seize growth opportunities in the United States,” said Morley Greene, Chairman and Managing Director of Trez Capital.


Our business model is structured around two objectives:

1. Providing commercial property developers with mortgages custom-tailored to their investment needs.

2. Offering investors a secure source of income from a diversified pool of fully secured commercial mortgages.



We provide primarily first and second mortgages and bridge financing to borrowers seeking to purchase, refinance, refurbish or develop commercial real estate in major Canadian markets. Our in-house team handles all aspects of these transactions quickly and efficiently.

All of our mortgages are custom tailored. Loans typically range from $5 million to $50 million over terms up to 36 months, with interest rates as low as 7.0%, depending on the property. Our underwriting process focuses on borrower experience and includes a thorough analysis of:

  • Project economics and exit strategies

  • Property values and credit assessments

  • Micro and macro market conditions



We offer a range of mortgage investments for investors seeking steady quarterly income. Our funds pool together a balanced portfolio of fully-secured commercial mortgages that provide ready liquidity to investors. We adhere to a conservative lending policy that includes:

  • Lending only against properties with definable exit strategies and favorable valuations

  • Investing in short-term mortgages (6 to 36 months) to mitigate interest rate and market risks

  • Conducting thorough due diligence and credit assessments

  • Structuring innovative financing to boost investment returns

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